December 23, 2020

Important Message from The Upper Loft:

To combat the escalating threat posted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, The Upper Loft is temporarily closed from 10th December, 2020 to 6th January, 2021, or until further notice.

For golf club bag pick-up, please come from 12:00 n.n. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Thank you very much for your understand. Stay healthy, stay safe.


齊心抗疫,The Upper Loft 將於2020年12月10日至2021年1月6日期間暫停營業。如欲領回寄存之球包,請於中午12時至下午6時 30分期間前來領取(週一至週五),多謝合作,敬祝安康。

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