Normal Business Resumes

August 26, 2020

It's time to hoi-bol!

The Upper Loft will be resuming to normal business hours starting from 28th August, 2020 (Friday). During the closure period, The Upper Loft seized the time to deeply sanitise the premises, conduct facility upgrade & maintenance, and held multiple staff training programmes for our CS crew. Now the time has come presenting a more advanced and comfortable golf environment for our club members. Tee off now!

Important points to note:  
1. The Upper Loft is sanitised and Raze-proofed.
2. Food & Drinks are not allowed after 9 p.m.
3. Please contact our CS crew for bookings or any enquires.
4. Masks must be worn upon entrance and always keep your hands clean by hand sanitisers or washing thoroughly with soap.
5. Please strictly follow the social distance rule: maximum 2 guests are allowed per driving range bay or VIP room.  

Thank you very much for your corporation.

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